permanent. identity. change.

Reclaim Your Confidence With StrongHER.

The StrongHER Mission

Our mission at FitzFitness is very simple: Permanent. Identity. Change. I mean it when I say that this will be the last “program” or coaching that you will ever need. I genuinely believe that your health is a ONE-TIME investment! Investment, not expense. Investing in your health does not “cost” anything, that would frame your mind to believe you are LOSING money but in reality, you are GAINING the best gift of life: great health, which is priceless. This means when you invest in yourself you KNOW you are GOING TO BE YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT and this problem will FINALLY be solved & 12 months from now you WILL have your dream body & life. You will not need anything else after this. Not another coach or another program. By the end of this transformation, you will know everything you need to know about getting and staying fit for life. You will never have to guess again. This is the only coaching service doing it like this. I do NOT want you as a customer forever.

What is the program?

FitzFitness’s StrongHER program is a 6-12 month training protocol, specifically tailored to you. We will work together to perfect your exercise, nutrition, and mindset with weekly adjustments to reach YOUR desired goals.

Where does it happen?

Coaching is entirely online and can be accessed anywhere. All of the tools, training videos, Q&A live streams & community can be viewed anywhere on your own schedule.

When can I start?

Your coaching starts the moment you enroll. Once accepted, the onboarding process will begin to get you started right away.

How does it work?

Once onboarded, we will work together to determine your ideal body goals and create a personalized plan to achieve them. You will receive weekly customized nutrition strategies, workout plans and mindset trainings to ensure your mind and body evolve together.

Who is this for?

StrongHER is for ANYONE not just women! No matter the experience you have, or how much time you have available, your plan is built to fit into your schedule. If you’re looking to reclaim your confidence and regain control of your body permanently, this program is made for you.

Why was this made?

I created StrongHER because of all the terrible misinformation out on the internet. You can read my story under the About Meg section, but I spent years following this misinformation and it left me extremely frustrated, unhealthy, and unable to achieve my fitness goals. Not only is the program scientifically backed, but I have lived by these methods myself for years.

I feel soooo confident in and out of the gym now!

My strength has just skyrocketed and it’s insane to me. Outside of the gym and fitness, mentally she has helped me through numerous things that go on in life, what I see as chaos she will sit and talk me through each scope of what good things to look for and how to ground myself in the situation and then handle it.
Alyssa Norman

I have gained a true appreciation and love for my body in all stages -

forgiveness and how to be gentle with myself, consistency is key over literally everything else, positive self talk and affirmations, resting and relaxing is JUST as important as discipline and pushing yourself.
Rikki Graham

Trust Meg and the process.

She has your back every single step of the way and you couldn’t have chosen anyone better to start your journey with you. She’s not just my coach anymore, she’s my friend and I value that so much.I will forever hold onto the knowledge Meg has taught me about fitness, nutrition, and self love.
Kayla Tuell

She pushes me to be the best I can be for me…

She provides great video feedback on my workouts and movements. Outside of the gym, she’s also making my mind strong, building my confidence and I truly feel so alive!!! I enjoy eating, I’m not terrified of gatherings anymore. I’m living for the first time since I can remember. My husband can’t believe how much I’ve changed and how much happier I’ve become. I’m just so excited for every step of this journey and I wouldn’t want anyone else but coach Meg by my side
Julie Nimkie

Hey! I'm Meg


My first experience with fitness and health was extremely negative and came from a place of fear.

Fear that if I wasn’t smaller or skinnier, I wouldn’t be loved and accepted. I did everything in my power to shrink myself. I’ve tried all the diets you can think of: low carb, keto, 1200 calories, water fasting, etc. Years of restriction then lead me to binge eat and create a horrible relationship with food and my body.

I had no confidence. No sense of self-worth. It wasn’t until I learned how to properly fuel my body and realized how empowering it was to be and feel strongly that I finally felt free.

Fitness changed my life.I learned to truly love myself for more than just the way my body looks, healed my relationship with food, and fell in love with lifting heavy. I even gained the confidence to walk away from a toxic relationship, move to a new state, and start a life I’d always dreamed of living.

My goal in life is to help women (and men) who are in the same position I was all those years ago.
You deserve to feel confident, beautiful and most importantly, healthy.

Reclaim your confidence with StrongHER

How soon will I start losing weight?

As soon as you start following the workout and nutrition plan, you will start getting results! Losing 5-10 lbs the first month is not uncommon, but it comes with consistency.

What does your coaching program teach?

The StrongHER program teaches you how to lose fat, build muscle and reclaim your confidence and energy through a PERMANENT identity transformation. Not by letting go of carbs, but letting go of who you USED TO BE! Revive your life, revive your body, revive your metabolism, revive your energy, revive yourself! We prioritize education so that after this program you can be your own coach, and coach yourself and your friends. We tell people this is the LAST program you will ever need and the testimonials speak for themselves. We pride ourselves on being the BEST fitness program for permanent transformation on the planet.

Do you have any type of guarantee?

If you listen to everything we say, hit your workouts, and follow my nutrition protocols and are still unable to accomplish the goal you and I agree to; then there is 100% money back guarantee.

How is this different from all the other workout programs I have already tried?

The StrongHER program focuses on IDENTITY change to create permanent transformation. While every other program will have you follow some cookie cutter program like a dog, never teaching you the skills you need to be successful on your own. We are not lawyers, but if we wanted to be, we would hire a lawyer to teach us how to do it. The REVIVE program thrives from its 3 core principles; 1) Sustainability (AKA FUN)2) Personalization. Everything will be custom to you, your life, your job, and your preferences. 3) Mindset. We HEAVILY focus on mindset training (with over 25 powerful training videos that will change your life. Change starts in the mind.

Will I get the support I need when my body stops changing?

Yes, we do weekly check-ins to avoid weight loss plateaus. The reason why most people fail at fitness programs is because they buy a random, non personalized program online and it comes without a coach. This makes it very hard to get past plateaus because the program never changes. Your program will change along with your body to make sure we’re continuously making progress.

Do I need a gym or can I train from home?

Both work fine! If you have equipment at home I can make you a custom workout routine to fit your schedule and exercise capability. Most of our clients work out at home since the quarantine happened and people are still killing it so that is no problem at all.

Will I get a step-by-step roadmap even if I am just getting back into shape?

Yes, after you sign up, we will walk you through everything you need to do to make sure we can start getting results as fast as possible. After you watch your welcome video, have orientation, and receive all your plans there is a step-by-step process every client follows to get started that completely takes the guesswork out of getting back in shape.

Is it really possible to lose any weight if I am over 40 and have 3+ kids?

Yes, we work with many people who are 40 and older who are still creating incredible transformations with kids and a busy schedule. You will be receiving many different tools and pieces of advice to help manage your time efficiently.

How do I know if I am ready to join your program? I feel like I am way too busy with my work and kids. I hardly have time to shower.

There is never going to be a “best time to start”. If you learn how to conquer your fitness goals when your life is busy, they become EASY to maintain when your life becomes less busy. If you use the busy excuse forever, you will pass away with poor health. The choice is yours.

Can I pay you after I lose the weight?

I used to think like this too. But it wouldn’t do you any favors. It wouldn’t be fair to YOU. People who attention and cause you to have some skin in the game to drive you to make the most out of the program. The program works and that has been proven time and time again. Now, we need to put in the work.

I have hired other ‘online fitness coaches’ and didn't get results. How do I know this will work?

I am sorry to hear that. You are not alone though. I did the same thing when I first started out and the best thing I can encourage you to do is check out our testimonials. The testimonials prove that we care a lot about who we work with and they are real people. Most fitness coaches never spend time improving their service to give their clients a better experience. We are very happy to say that we have added an app, a members site, cookbooks, additional coaches, and an incredible client group that supports one another to help you on your journey.Our mission is to eliminate yo-yo dieting for good and prevent people from taking drastic approaches, which cause them to end up quitting or excessive weight regain. We are only going to get there by providing the best service possible to each individual client.

Can I find the foods I’ll need to eat if I live outside of North America?

Yes, the foods I use can be found anywhere in the world, and we have clients in Canada, the UK, and all over Europe.

I am just coming back from injury. Can you still help me?

Yes! If you are working with a physical therapist we can include the workouts they want you doing with the workouts we make for you to make sure you are progressively getting better and better. We have had many clients go through this process with me because accountability and nutrition are one of the most important things when recovering from an injury. This is because your injury may have made you less active, making weight gain easier. BY controlling nutrition and supporting you, I am able to keep that from happening.

Do you believe in rapid fat loss or slow and steady?

Both. Depending on genetics you will lose weight at different paces. One thing that holds true is; that people can usually lose weight a lot faster, but they never end up doing it because they follow unsustainable approaches that cause a 3-month transformation to end up being a 6-9 month of yo-yo crash diet. Wasting money and time. You will never have to worry about that again in the REVIVE program. It’s a change for LIFE.

How do I keep losing weight after I hit a plateau?

We handle this with weekly check-ins. If your weight has stalled we will adjust your plan to get past plateaus with ease. These can also happen from lack of sleep or water intake so we will address these things as well, as the workout program. Most programs come with updates, but you will receive them weekly to ensure that we continue getting results.

Do I need to be ready to train 2 hours a day and 6 days a week?

No.Our best clients only workout 3-5 times a week and complete three workouts in 45-90 minutes MAX. Our workout app has a stopwatch and timer built into it so it helps you stay accountable and not waste time in the gym so you can get back to your normal daily tasks.

Do you oversee my actual workout program and nutrition plans?

Oh YES! We will see absolutely everything you do and all the food you eat as well inside the app. Every Time you slip up we will know it because my app tracks your nutrition and training. We will talk about it in your check-ins. We will never get mad or anything like that but we will keep you accountable so you can reach the body of your dreams. No journey is ever perfect and we have a saying we like that goes “never let perfect get in the way of being good”

How long does your program last?

There is a 6 month and 12 month option. Anything less is too little and anything more is just if you love the community and want to stay.

Do I have to love to sweat and lift really heavy weights?

Sweating, yes. But we are not ONLY about lifting heavy. As we said, principle number 1 is sustainability, which is a code word for fun. I will not make you do things you always hate. Your program will be FUN for you so that you don’t have to motivate yourself to do it. You will look forward to doing it. You don’t motivate yourself to watch a movie right? Exactly because it’s fun. We will be working with moderate weights that push you but prevent the risk of injury to ensure longevity as well as results.

How long does your program last?

Your best effort. Ticking the boxes we lay out in your to-do list daily. Complete your check-ins. Show up for yourself and don’t let yourself make easy excuses. You have to be willing to eat delicious foods that you already eat and enjoy to get results! You must be open-minded and coachable.

I’m scared to invest.

You should be. This is normal and actually a sign that you’re getting out of your comfort zone. Congratulations! We have also personally invested tons into my our own coaching and self-development and even still do today. It’s what makes me my best self. We would never ask someone to do something we haven’t done already. We can both agree that nothing grows inside your comfort zone. Getting out of it is always a little uncomfortable but always more than worth it. We always have graduated clients who say they would have invested double looking back. You cannot put a price tag on your health, and our programs are more affordable than your future medical bills from bad health. When I first went to hire a coach, I was scared too. That is because I didn’t believe in myself. I believe in coaching. I was scared I was going to be their problem. As soon as I looked in the mirror and my pain for remaining the same or getting worse outweighed my fear of joining, I took the leap and I NEVER looked back. That coach changed my life. Here’s a promise though, we will give you all the tools and support you need to succeed because we’ve felt your pain, and we’ve been in your shoes. You will never need another coach after me, you’re worth it. It’s time to get uncomfortable and change your life. We have a saying around here that goes; “Good health is like insurance, you can’t afford NOT to have it”

I have never hired a fitness coach and it’s intimidating. Shouldn't I make some progress on my own first?

We thought the same thing and we will always regret not getting help sooner. Here’s the thing….if you are doing things wrong or wasting time trying on your own, that is more time we have to spend receiving some of the mistakes that you’ve made on your own. We have had many people reach out to me saying that they wanted to get satiated on their own first and “prove to themself” that they can do it. Everytime I follow up with these people they never get anywhere or even start. Having a coach is a NORMAL and good thing! Coaches even have coaches!
permanent. identity. change.

Reclaim Your Confidence With StrongHER.